The most effective method for improving a golf swing is clear, concise and understandable directions from which the student can translate into a simple motion without technical and mental clutter.’  Darryl Sando.

darryl-3Darryl Sando is the Director of Golf at Massey Park Golf Club and a member of the Australian PGA with over 20 years experience as a golf professional. Drawing on knowledge gained from competitive golf, coaching seminars, various mentors and countless hours on the golf range has enabled Darryl to gain a reputation for being able to quickly identify the cause of any faults through swing and ball flight observation, then providing  the student with clear and easy to follow instructions and drills to effectively correct the fault. Having taught golf in Australia, Canada, England and South Africa, Darryl has a wealth of experience in all areas of instruction.

Whether you’re an experienced golfer looking for some fine tuning or a novice just starting out, accredited PGA Professional Darryl Sando can help. Experienced tuition is available for golfers of all levels as a private individual lesson or in a group clinic session.


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