• The Committee reserves the right to alter or make any variation in the program or conditions of play.
  • Players must be ready and prepared to hit-off 15 minutes prior to scheduled hit-off time.
  • Women golfers should read the notice board before .starting play, as they must be aware of all notices, local rules, etc
  • Competition Cards must be returned within 15 minutes of completion of rounds. Failure to do so is disqualification.
  • Motorised Transport: The use of motorised transport in Club Board events will only be permitted subject to the approval of the Golf Committee and the provision of a current medical certificate, stating they cannot play 18 holes of golf without the use of a cart or other motorized transport, issued no more than 3 months prior to the commencement of the event or a permanent disability certificate. Participation in any club competition without the use of a cart will void that certificate.
  • If a player in a 36 hole match-play final has permission to use a motorized cart their opponent will also be allowed the use of a cart.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used on the course during play.
  • Ringing/vibrating (audible) whether answered or not is deemed to be “used”.
  • Penalty is disqualification
  • Mobile phone use in the case of emergency is deemed permissible.
  • Handicapping:
  • When playing in competitions, players must play off their Golf Australia Handicap, unless it is a specific condition of the competition that Club Handicaps can be used. In a situation where a player competes in a competition round before a previous handicap-altering score is processed, their correct Golf Australia Handicap will be that displayed by Golflink. Please see the notice board in the Locker room for updates from Golf Australia in relation to handicap issues and adjustments.
  • Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday events will be played in two divisions unless there are fewer than 24 players.
  • Medal Rounds will be played in two divisions, 1 and 2.
  • Only declared Midweek players are eligible to enter midweek Club Medals, WGNSW Medals & Wednesday Eclectic events.
  • Only declared Weekend players are eligible to enter weekend Club Medals, WGNSW Medals & Saturday Eclectic events.
  • Club Championships are to be played as follows:
  • Club Championships – Division 1
  • Club Bronze 1 & 2 Championships.
  • Handicap cut off for these grades will not be advised until later into the season as many changes in handicaps will occur before commencement of the Championships.
  • All women golfers may enter the Club Championship but must notify the Committee prior to the draw being made. Any player who elects to play in the Club Championship becomes ineligible to compete in the Bronze 1 and Bronze 2 Championships.
  • Midweek or Weekend Women Golfers may enter either of the Heather Klein trophy events but may enter only Saturday or Wednesday.
  • Draw for Championships & Major Events
  • Any player withdrawing from and/or failing to appear for any of the above events, after a specified draw for tee times has taken place,
  • may be liable for all playing fees that exist. The player may also be suspended from all golfing privileges for one month, if the Golf Committee deems fit (i.e. failure to provide a reasonable excuse for not playing).
  • 2BBB/4BBB events – In the event of one player not having a partner, that player will complete a singles card.
  • At the completion of the round the Duty Committee will draw a player‟s name from the rest of the field and her score will be combined with the singles card.
  • In the event of two players without partners ie.2 groups of three players, the two singles cards will be combined by the Duty Committee at the completion of the round.
  • Trophy Donors: The Committee expresses their sincere thanks to all donors of trophies. Your donation greatly assists the club and displays a spirit that indicates your appreciation of belonging to the club.
  • Country Visitors: Will be allowed to play on ordinary competition days (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday), only if permission to play has been obtained from the President, Captain, Secretary or Treasurer. A country visitor is a member of another club who lives not less than 100km from Massey Park Golf Club.
  • Dress Regulations: All are requested to take pride in their club with regard to dress and conduct generally, especially when visiting other clubs. Regulation golf shoes are to be worn with socks or stockings.
  • Acceptable Dress All blouses and shirts must have a collar. Shirts which have been designed to be worn out, must have small side splits and must be no longer than 15cm (6”) below the waist band of the shorts, slacks or skirts.
  • Tailored shorts, skirts, slacks and culottes may be worn on the course and in the Clubhouse.
  • Denim jeans / pants or shorts are not permitted to be worn on the course while playing in any competition, on any day.
  • Tracksuits/leggings made from any material (ie flannel silk etc) are not allowed to be worn on the course.
  • Short shorts, bare midriff tops, rubber thongs and sneakers are not allowed on the course.
  • We ask all women golfers and their guest to observe these regulations.


Stroke: Full Handicap
Stableford and Par: Full Handicap
2 BBB / 4BBB v Par, Stableford or Aggregate: Full Handicap
Foursomes: 1/2 of Combine Handicap
Canadian & American Foursomes: 3/8 of Combined Handicaps
Teams of four: 1/8 of Combined Handicap
Teams of three: 1/6 of Combined Handicap
Teams of two: 1/4 of Combined Handicap
Match Play: Full handicap difference
Fourball Matches: The lowest handicapped player of the four players plays off scratch and each of the other players receives full handicap difference between her own handicap and that of the first mentioned player.