Method of Play:
1. Maximum of four players in each group. The lowest marker is the team captain of each group and hits off last from each tee.
2. All players hit off from the tee, the best drive is selected (longest, best position etc.) to be determined by the captain.
3. Other three players pick up their balls, then each drop their ball within one club length of the best positioned ball, in the conditions as the selected ball, eg. Rough, bunker etc. (no nearer the hole) and play. The player whose ball has been selected is the last to play from the actual spot at which his ball finishes.
4. On a par four it is presumed that at least one player will hit the green in two shots. Bearing this in mind, the following procedure is adopted.
5. The selected ball is normally the nearest to the pin but may be the easiest putt. The other three players pick up their ball and place them one-putters-head length from the spot at which the selected ball is marked.
6. Each group has one score for the hole.
7. As soon as a ball is holed, the other players pick up and proceed to the next tee.
8. The foregoing procedure applies to all holes – par 3‟s, 4‟s, 5‟s.
9. The captains of all teams to sign the score cards at the conclusion of play.
10. Handicap: 4 players = 1/8th , 3 = 1/6th, 2 = 1/4th


  • The lowest marker in each group is responsible for the manner in which the group plays their round of golf.
  • Eg: Observing the etiquette and rules of golf
  • Repairing divot and pitch marks
  • Making good bunkers
  • Accurately scoring cards
  • Playing without undue delay
  •  In all par or Stableford events, pick up when a score is not possible.
  •  Don‟t leave buggies or bags at the front of greens.
  • If safe to do so, at your discretion, call up the next group whenever possible.
  • Study your line on the putting green while others are putting. You do not have to move about to do this, but you have to get to the position of your ball before the first player putts.
  • Leave the green immediately the result of the hole has been determined and proceed to the next tee. Don‟t score your card next to the green.
  • If the tee is vacant allow the shortest hitters to hit off first before scoring their card. They can score the previous hole while the other players hit off. Be honest about how far you can hit the ball.
  • Players searching for a ball should immediately call the following group through, and in accordance with the rules then have five minutes to search.
  • It is not intended for any player to have to rush their shot, but please proceed directly to your next shot, at a reasonable pace. Don‟t stand behind other players and watch their shots before moving to the position of your ball.
  • Your position in the field is directly behind the group in front, not in front of the group behind. The Committee reserves the right to penalise a player and/or group for continued slow play.
  • If for whatever reason you do lose your place in the field, please try and catch up as soon as possible.
  • Please remember that all players deserve the opportunity to hit off as close to their allotted tee time as possible, whether it is 7.30, 9.30, 11.30 or 12.30. Your assistance in observing the above items may help in making this possible.