The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Massey Park Golf Club are commited to the principles of The Responsible Service of Alcohol and will ensure that this club adheres to these principles at all times.

In the interest of our members their guests and the local community, the Massey Golf Club policy is:

  • Not to serve alcohol to persons under the age of 18
  • Not to serve intoxicated persons
  • Not to serve people that are behaving in a disorderly manner
  • Not to host promotions that encourage excessive drinking


The Gambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Act 1999 and other regulations aim to ensure that registered clubs and hotels adopt responsible practices for gambling activities conducted on their premises. Massey Park Golf Club is committed to the principles of Responsible Conduct of Gaming. Massey Park Golf Club is a member of the ClubSafe Program of Responsible Gambling. Key Elements of the Program are:

  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Trained staff who are able to provide assistance
  • Counselling for those experiencing gambling problems
  • Access to a self-exclusion program


Massey Park Golf Club is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1988 and is commited to safeguarding of personal information provided by Members, Visitors and Staff. We will not disclose personal information unless there is a threat to life, health or safety. Personal information may, with permission, be used by the Club for marketing puposes. If you do not wish to receive information about services and promotions, the Club, on request, will remove your name from mailing lists. You have a right to access any personal information that the Club may hold about you, including a right of correction of your information. For further information, contact Club Administration.


This club is by law required to keep a register containing information that relates to the management and financial administration of the club including:

  1. A list of disclosures, declerations and returns made by the governing body and employees of the club
  2. The salary bands of the club’s top executives
  3. Details of the overseas travel made by the governing body and employees of the club
  4. Details of loans given by the club to employees
  5. Details of certain contracts executed by the club
  6. Salary details of club employees who are close relatives of a member of the club’s governing body or top executive
  7. Details of payments made by the club for consultant services
  8. Details of legal statements made by the club with a member of the governing body or an employee of the club
  9. Details of legal fees paid by the club for a member of the governing body or an employee of the club
  10. The club’s annual gaming machine profit
  11. The amount applied by the club to community development and support


The club must prepare quarterly financial statements for the governing body that incorporate:

  1. The club’s profit and loss accounts and trading accounts for the quarter, and
  2. A balance sheet as at the end of the quarter

Members may view the register of the financial statements or receive a copy of the financial statements by written request to the club.


Refund Policy

The Family Brassiere @ Massey Park will not be responsible for any loss or deterioration which occurs subsequent to delivery as per your instructions (unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to delivery) due to non-timely collection or otherwise.  Please select your meals carefully as no refund or exchange will be given.  If a product is out of stock, we will contact you to determine if you would prefer a replacement or deduct it from your total order.

Online Payment Policy

We only accept online payment by providing your credit card details during checkout on our secure site.  We will process your order payment using your credit card for the value printed on the tax invoice we provide with your order.  All transactions are sold and processed in Australian dollars (AUD).  We accept MasterCard and Visa ONLY on this secure site.

Credit card details are handled by a third party payment gateway (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) and The Family Brasserie @ Massey Park will never save your actual details.

For the avoidance of doubt, The Family Brasserie @ Massey Park will not in any circumstance be liable to you, or third parties, for any loss or damage you may suffer arising from credit card fraud or identity theft.