All players handicaps will be adjusted in accordance with the system laid down by the Australian Golf Union. Handicaps will be revised (upward and downward) as soon as possible after each competition event.
Three Grades: Domestic Only
A – 0-13
B – 14-19
C – 20-36
Championships, A Reserve 10-13
Stroke, Stableford and Par – Full Handicap
Foursomes Stroke – ½ combined handicaps
Canadian and American Foursomes – ⅜ combined handicaps
Handicap Match Play – Full difference of lowest marker‟s handicap
Mixed Events – Women – Full handicap on Women‟s index
All members playing at other AGU golf courses are responsible for playing off their correct handicap, please confirm your handicap with the office before playing away. Please enter competitions under your Golflink Number.
Players should be aware that the maintenance of their handicap is their responsibility, not the golf committee.


Members’ Invitation – Visitors 27
Massey Park members visiting other clubs are requested to inquire in regard to the limit (if any) in force at that particular club.
Maximum Australian Handicap: 27.

New Members:

It is the responsibility of the proposer and seconder, immediately a nominee is elected to membership, to see that such new member is introduced to other members, is advised of all rules governing the conduct of the club, and above all is sufficiently advanced on the knowledge of the rules of golf to be competent to perform the duty of marker of a fellow competitor. Please ensure that you play with your nominee until he is so equipped.


Visitors are eligible to compete in only such programmed events as are indicated (invitation and/or open) and those they are eligible to play in at their home club. Where a visitor is a member of two or more clubs, his home club handicap shall apply.
For competition purposes a visitor must be a financial member of a golf club affiliated with the N.S.W.G.A. or similar interstate or overseas association.
Country visitors will be allowed to play in ordinary competitions only if permission to play has been obtained from, either the club‟s captain, president, treasurer or secretary manager. A country visitor is a member of another golf club who lives not less than 100km from Massey Park Club.