Friday the 13th of February is Trivia Night at Massey Park Golf Club.

This month’s theme? Chinese New Year and the Zodiac Calendar. Run by Mr Trivia, it’s a very different and successful quiz concept that has been operating in the Inner West for over 12 years with a variety of questions and a format that caters to everyone. So, why not come and join our host Graham Earp in a night of free family entertainment.

Mr. Trivia has built a large and loyal following over the years and those trivia buffs that are interested can subscribe to his monthly newsletter that keeps them informed and entertained and in touch with what the venue is doing.

There are prizes up for grabs for the winning team and every team has a chance to win right up until the very last question. There are individual spot prizes throughout the night as well as an optional $1 entry into the jackpot question with a carry over pool if not answered on the night.

Commences straight after the raffles and Members’ Badge Draw.

Feb Trivia